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Nov 06, 2003


A.J. Levy


Regarding your old dogs and new tricks, I once heard a line: "There's nothing an old dog loves more than to learn new tricks." You wrote you were (or soon will be) 60 when you started your blog. Try 67 -- that's how old I was (and still am) when I started mine -- with Movable Type, Typepad's precursor. This old dog loves nothing more than to learn these new tricks.

Ernie also got me interesting in blogging and I started mine earlier this year: The site is aimed at showing unusual "out-of-the-box" solutions that lawyers have used in solving what seemed to be insoluble problems. (I have been remiss in updating it lately, but I hope to start back up soon.)

I also include some non-legal humor, including, first instance, submissions and winners to the Bulwer-Lyton "It was a dark and stormy night" bad writing contest.

Good luck with your blog. Ernie is a great cheering squad and backer.


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