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Dec 01, 2003





What odds will you give me that Dvorak does his own blog before Nightline does that interview? ;)


I've not read Dvorak's columns, but this blogging thing dies in the numbers. Here's a related thought: the creation of web-conferencing software has led to a bunch of companies offering, surprise, 'webinars'; unfortunately, no one is offering any technology that increases the time I have to attend such things (as attractive as they might be). The general idea is even more restrictive than other offerings because wealth isn't a factor, it's time -- there may be a ton of interesting blogs out there, but I don't have time to read them...my work still needs to get done and the leaves still need to be raked. I suppose the blogging thing isn't going away, but the interesting number to know would be the average unique reader per blog per week (across the whole internet)...I bet the number is a lot less than one, which means what is happening is that a lot of people are not writing, but merely typing.

Shel Holtz

One Shel to another, I'm right there with you on Dvorak. However, as a fan of early American history, I can tell you that Thomas Paine sold his pamphlet -- about 150,000 of them. All of the printers who produced these pamphlets and broadsides (like Benjamin Franklin, for instance) did it for money in addition to aiding the causes they supported.

Rich Zumpone

Ironic that your criticism of John should include an outdated reference to those participating in ceramics. Believe me - I see at trade shows how the older crowd is fading fast but you ought to visit a contemporary studio (recent phenomenon - past 10 years or so) - children and upper income females are the dominate participants in ceramics in these facilities (their trade organization www.ccsaonline.com)

I'd be happy to arrange a visit to a studio in your area. If interested contact me.

Thanks for the effort you put into your site.



For whatever it is worth, Dvorak is blogging! Just Google on "dvorak uncensored"


Yeah. It's actually not a bad blog. Peter predicted he would do that back in December when I wrote this open letter. I think John is good at doing whatever it takes to stir things up, to avoid sliding ratings ... a little like Howard Stern.

Jack Sloan


John Dvorak's been writing (a lot) for quite some time, and while I don't agree with every word... he's on the mark a LOT of times.

I like him because he's human, opinionated, (I'm interested in his opinions) and he seems to know that he's not anything more than his readership makes him.

Your "Open Letter" to John reminds me of the "trolls" on the news groups and lists that lurk like snipers to 'flame' another's posting... your bio should put you above that.

"If you can't say somethin' nice...."

michael monaghan

It is Shel's freedom to express her opinion that Jack Sloane should be mindful of. You only create guilty vibes when you locate Shel in a hypothetical troll environment of your choosing and then criticise her for not being above it. That's pretty conceited.

I found this post because a usergroup I regularly read had a debate over the legitimacy of Dvorak's information. Given the amount of pro-Dvorak information available on the web, Shel is ok by me.

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