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Jan 02, 2004



You're right, Ted Nugent is a complete asshole,
and his music sucked so you didn't miss anything.
I hope this jerk doesn't run for a political office.
Seems like the GOP has pretty good success with actors. hope they'll stop there.


Another thing ROCK on Ted you kick ass !!!!!


Sportsmen contribute $1.5 BILLION$ towards wildlife conservation annually.

Every year over 2 million Americans use firearms to preserve life and limb.

Shane Murton

Ted Nugent is a great American. His unrelenting support for the police, firefighters, the military, and everyone fighting to protect America should be a lesson to us all. He is adamently opposed to drugs and other harmful lifestyles and is an excellent role model for today's youth.

In contrast, Ben Cohen pays tribute to drugged out hippies like Jerry Garcia by naming ice cream after them.

I'll take Ted over Ben any day of the week.

Rick Berry

You said "The gun issue to me is more about public safety. People and animals should be able to live in in their respective habitats without the fear of getting shot."

First, animals live in their habitats and kill and eat one another. This is a fact of life, and you are a killer animal, whether you're honest enough to admit it. Find out where your diabetic insulin comes from (crib note: dead sheep) before complaining about people who embrace their position in the food chain.

Second, weapons ownership is about more than "public safety", but public safety is exactly the point for millions of law-abiding sane rational gun owners in America. Namely, the ability to be safe as they go about their lives, both at home and out in their communities (ie, habitats). The best way to protect yourself from gun-wielding criminals (ie, predators) is to arm yourself with an effective weapon. Such as a handgun. Fighting back is the best way to ensure your own safety. The weapons owned by other law-abiding sane rational people are no threat to you if you do not behave like a criminal and threaten them.
But Public Safety is not the only issue. Defense against the threat of tyrrany is a huge part of gun ownership. Another important aspect is freedom. Freedom to do as you like without asking for permission from anyone.

I _like_ being in the outdoors. I like hunting. It is an experience which encompasses far more than simply killing animals. I eat animals that I kill, both wild (game) animals and domestic animals. I am honest with myself about what food is and where it comes from. Ted Nugent is doing nothing more than attempting to share this love for the outdoors and hunting, and his love of freedom, with as many people as possible.


Maybe you should try doing a search for the charities Ted Nugent is involved in and supports. Maybe you'd gain a little respect for someone who deserves it instead of remaining "thankfully ignorant" just so you can despise someone who you know very little about.
Ted supports charities "the most important being youth charities for children with tragic health conditions...". Among others.
He's also an avid lover of the outdoors, which is partly why he hunts his own meat instead of buying it from some questionable slaughterhouse like the rest of us. Do you use zero animal products? Most of us eat some amount of meat, and Ted simply does it the most humane, efficient way possible.
Maybe you should try and respect that more instead of being just another pompous, ignorant jerk with a keyboard.

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