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Jun 13, 2004


N. Ng (Singaporean)

Excuse me, but the assertion that the said kid (Michael Fay) was arrested for CHEWING GUM is patently and absolutely ludicrous. He was arrested for vandalism - as I recall, he and a couple of buddies went around spray-painting and smashing expensive cars.

In fact, it is (AFAIK) a misconception that the actual act of chewing gum is banned in Singapore. It is only the import and sale of the stuff that is not allowed. Even so, many Singaporeans still make it a point to pick up a few packs of gum on their way home from an overseas trip.

Peculiarly enough, I've been living in the States for about a year now, and I haven't chewed a single stick of gum since my arrival. Perhaps it is merely the cachet of "forbidden fruit" which induces people to sneak it in! :)

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