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Aug 02, 2004


Mac User

Defeated Apple ??????? Huh . When ??????????

Well okay i do believe he stole from Apple , but i wouldn't call that defeating

Shannon Clark

Lots to comment on, but first a small chink, HP ships a laptop with Linux preinstalled/configured.


John the artist

He's referring to it's dominance, you can't turn around without hearing how "Everybody uses Windows, right?" Check on your DVD's included PC extras... See what I mean?

I'm a Mac user myself. Love it. But you've got the sheep who buy M$ just because that's what they have at work, or that's what their friend has, that's all they've ever known to use, etc... These are the people who keep hitting there thumbs with a hammer, and they keep doing it because it's all they know. I have Windows at work and Mac at home. When it's my choice I pick what I want.... and it doesn't get viruses, ever.


Fascinating hypothesis but it will never happen unless one thing you didn't mention happens.

As much as I embrace and like the open source community, there is no way they are going to overtake Microsoft. Even if a hundred or thousand little things add up it won't have the impact of one internal corporate thing (like Enron for example).

I think the end of Microsoft would have to be the result of something much more internal (ever seen the movie Antitrust?) -- as in it comes out that they are doing something wrong and/or highly illegal. That would destroy consumer confidence like no other amount of viruses and hackers could.

As long as they have the money they have they can make a lot of mistakes, as time has shown and continue to grow their business.

Look what they are doing to Palm with Pocket PC for example. Palm.net just shut down their wireless division (end of Aug).

Mac and Open Source haven't put a dent in Microsoft's fortress since 1992 except on the server level (Apache vs. IIS). They went from 2 billion to over 50+ billion in cash. Yeah, they have been hurt real bad in the last 12 years. Not.

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