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Aug 19, 2004


Daniel Von Fange

"1. Why does Wyoming have the same number of Senators as California?"

Are you asking that rhetorically? Or do you really want an explanation? ;)

Just in case... When America was founded, it was desired that the big states not be able to squish the little states around in voting. As a solution to this, it was decided to have two sets of representatives. A senate, with two from each state, and a house of representatives with a number of representatives proportional to the population of the state. (California has fifty three congressmen, Wyoming has one congressmen) Since both groups had to approve all laws, it added one filter on making sure that laws passed were good for all Americans.


Actually, I was indeed asking rhetorically. My point was intended to be that we've passed the point where states pushing states around is a central issue. With that point being settled in favor of Federalism, it seems to me that Wyoming should not have equal influence in the Senate with a state who has more than 30 times its citizens. Do you disagree?

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