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Sep 27, 2004



Hi Shel,

Cool to see that someone is passionate enough about blogging that they want to do it as a job! As a recruiter and a blogger I thought I might offer my opinion on why you may not have been taken up on your offer yet and some recommendations.

In my conversations with recruiters, media, and anyone else who will listen to me talk about blogging, I stress one thing: blogging is not a strategy. Blogging is a communication vehicle. It can be part of an over-arching strategy around evangelism or building community but it is not the strategy in and of itself; it's a tactic. So rather than focusing on blogging as the main element of the role you are looking for, perhaps you could focus on the strateegy that blogging supports. It might be that the focus on blogging is, frankly, too tactical and you should emphasize the strategy it supports and promote yourself as a "Community Development Consultant". It's important to think about how you are branding yourself.

Also, it reminds me how little most companies understand about blogging. If you are hired as a community development consultant, you can get in there and help them understand it. But the chances of them hiring you into a role based mostly on a phenomenon that they have either not yet embraced, are afraid of or just don't get at all are slim.

Just two cents from someone who works in both the blogging and recruiting space. Now feel free to send me your resume and I can get it to our community development teams here!

Heather Hamilton | Senior Marketing Recruiter
Microsoft Corporation | 425.706.2312
[email protected] | http://weblogs.asp.net/heatherleigh

Kevin Tunis

Shel, I am still open to your ideas. I have added you to our forums which intregrate into our blogs. Want to openly discuss this there?

Kevin Tunis
Knowledge Mgmt. Solutions, Inc.
[email protected]

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