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Sep 27, 2004


Jeremy C. Wright

Sun (http://blogs.sun.com/roller/), Microsoft (http://blogs.msdn.com), eBay (http://mcmanus.typepad.com/grind) (okay, not "the company"), Monster (http://monster.typepad.com/monsterblog/), etc.

Most large tech companies have employees blogging in some capacity these days.

Jim Grisanzio

Don't forget Sun (http://blogs.sun.com). Our President & Chief Operating Officer (Jonathan Schwartz) blogs, so he's talking to customers, partners, press/analysts, and especially Wall Street. He's had a huge influence on the market perception of Sun. Our Java technology engineers, including James Gosling, are blogging and talking to the Java community. Our Solaris platform engineers are blogging and talking to Unix developers and directly engaging multiple communities as we get ready to release OpenSolaris. And our general employee base globally is blogging about anything and everything from technology to personal issues. Schwartz wants to get all of Sun's employees blogging. Massive changes going on here at Sun.


Thanks Jim and Jeremy. Sun is exactly the type of site I'm looking for and I had been unaware of it. The sites that I'm looking for have the people inside the company engaging in dialog with their immediate markets. There are lots of corporate sites, many of them quite good, but I'm looking for ones that stand out for bringing the Cluetrain concept of "markets are conversations," into reality. I'm currently reading Dan Gillmor's "We the Media," which is great and lists a good number of them. I'm looking to find more examples and hopefully some that extend beyond technology into more traditional companies.

Thanks for the help.

Constantin Basturea

Rick Bruner's Business Blog Consulting (http://www.businessblogconsulting.com/) has many examples of such companies (organized in categories). Another list of business blogs is available here: http://b-spirit.com/bblogs.php

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