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Dec 29, 2004


Perry Nelson


Just wanted to say thanks for enabling the complete display of your posts rather than just some limited segment of them. I don't mind visiting your blog, if I want to post a comment, but I find it much easier to read them in FeedDemon if you enable the entire display. Since learning of The Red Couch, I've subscribed to this site and enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep up the good work.


shel israel


Thanks for your comments. I didn't understand the issue when I first made my settings as a new blogger. Mike Torres pointed this out a week ago and I made the change a day or two later. Of course, I noticed that my visitor counts are going down,because you who aggregate don't need to actually go to the site. No blogger really likes that, but blogs work best, when all the decisions are made to favor the receiver instead of the sender. That will be a point in the book.

Seun Osewa

Of course life "goes on", in spite of small tragedies like murder, road accidents, disease, that take lives everyday, or the bigger ones like this Tsunamo. It just doesn't "go on" at the same rate for everybody. Those who have lost close relatives suffer the most.

Of course.

shel israel

Of course.


Life goes on. But all this "small tragedies" change the life of victims and theirs near relations and friends.

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