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Dec 14, 2004


Neville Hobson

This is a good list, Shel. I have three more suggestions:

1. When you publish a post, the services TypePad pings should include Technorati. It currently doesn't so you have to manually add the Technorati ping URL into the trackbacks box every single time you post anything.

2. Fix the XML-RPC spec so that if you use an offline editor like Ecto for Windows or BlogJet, uploading a post as a draft actually works rather than publishing it anyway. (I know they're working on this one.)

3. The ability to track comments. Not just for the blog author, where you get an email every time someone posts a comment, but for the commenter as well. So when you leave a comment on someone else's TypePad blog, you get an email when another comment is posted. Also be good to have an RSS feed for comments.

Re your #3 on stats, I've been using a free third-party service for the last few months called Statcounter. Excellent service, does most of what you ask, you should give it a try (www.statcounter.com).



I'm pretty satisfied with their new rich text editing deal, so I don't really have a problem with the linking or the font choices. But man, I wish they'd make the stats better. And I wish they'd just support ping-o-matic (pingomatic.com) or else let us choose our own pings.

And Neville...I'm running off to check statcounter now!

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