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Jan 24, 2005


Ivan Chew

Sound advice re: a blogging policy. Making expectations clear may go a long way to avoid potentially acrimonious situations. I've always wondered if that's one reason why there aren't so many bloggers from where I come from, particularly working adults.

shel israel


Good to hear from you my weepiing, rambling librarian friend. I think Singapore's inherent culture goes against blogging's spontaneous,semi-structured speak-out style. It goes to a theme you and I have discussed. Singapore is an island of highly-skilled workaholics, but it has not yet shown itself to be a creative place. I think it is heading that way and as it does, fine bloggers--like you--will become more numerous.

Ivan Chew

Yes and no, Shel (in a way, I've perhaps answered my original question, now that I've more time to think). I suspect that we Singaporean's don't blog because we have less of a habit of writing and reflecting our thoughts. In fact, I think our stricter libel & defamation laws (relative to yours) may be a good thing, because it forces us to make sure we back up what we say with facts. On the other hand, these stricter rules makes us more careful and less spontaneous in what we choose to say... so you're right too. But I digress.

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