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Mar 29, 2005


Wil Everts

This really is so true! I got my black lab pup, Lucy, in December. Since I have met many of my neighbors at the local dog park. In months of living in my community I had never met these people, some who live as little as 100 feet from my front door! Now my lucy stretches her head in hopes of seeing her friends as we pass our dog-pals homes. Rocky, the thick stocky dog who can be heard barking anytime (day or night) that Lucy and I pass; Bailey, the golden retriever pup born within weeks of mine; Hercules, Lucy's most beloved playmate, who she loves to lay in the cool shaded grass with or wrestle around with in the park; Dutchess, the golden who lives up to her regal name; Misty, the little dog with big attitude; and others are all around us.

Lucy is a funny girl, playful, energetic, rebellious, sweet, but definately family. She is an enormous part of my everyday life! Fitting that she has her very own blog, http://www.LucyTheLab.com.

Ivan Chew

Personal theory: Humans are social animals. But urbanisation has made us more reclusive. We basically need an excuse (or a catalyst) to start making conversations. Perhaps we've lost the art of making conversations. So Dogs and Blogs are really just excuses for humans to act out our instinct for social interaction.

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