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Apr 11, 2005


Ephraim Cohen

As I once said to two friends when they asked me about their opposing viewpoints..."you're both right."

The article was good but perhaps it should clarify two types of blogging - unofficial/on background and as an employee.

Think of the pre-blogging days and the media. There were employees who served as sources for the media providign a log of insider information that went well beyond company guidelines. These employees can now do this with the entire public but must stay anonymous or risk getting fired. This is no different than staying on background with reporters or risk being quoted and then fired.

Then there are employees who acted as spokespeople, official or unofficial, and gave information to reporters within company guidelines. This is similar to employees blogging, under their name, and within company guidelines. (the difference is that with blogging they only need to follow policy, and not seek permission to blog).

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