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Aug 19, 2005


Rob Greenlee

I think you are on to something with your observations of Google. Some of your concerns are the same ones that many had about Google prior to the IPO.

Prior to the IPO they had incentive to work hard to get to the IPO and get rich. Tell me now what is causing them to dig deep and work hard to be innovative now? Same thing has happened to Microsoft and most of the other tech IPO's. The only big exceptions that exist today is Yahoo and Apple who seem to have come through this IPO period with motivation to innovate and not just coast as we are seeing Google do today.

Look for the stock to start slipping over the next year or so. The we shall see what kind of heart the company has to make a comeback.

Rob Greenlee
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Toby Getsch

I think that there is a bit too much criticism of many "successful" companies. We're all guilty of it. Google does the good stuff you mention. And, the people who work there are human. If somone gets a little pissed that they got too much personal info "published" -- I don't blame them. Finding something on Google is a good bit different than publishing it and linking to it separately.

Now, having said that, I think I'd probably do the same thing. I also think I'd probabaly be banned for a year too - if I was big enough to matter to Google. Kudos to CNET.



I thought google Maps was far from "tepidly mediocre" and is my favorite implementation of street mapping software to date.

shel Israel


My apologies. I overlooked Google Maps which is a superb implementation. But I still think the point is valid. Google has come up with a lot of tepid stuff and I was among thos who hoped they would be consistently remarkable in what they brought to market.

Jack Nork - The Mason Technologist

I agree that Google should be more open with their communications, but I have to disagree on them releasing mediocre products since the IPO.

Here's a few that I use most every day:

- Google earth
- Google Desktop
- gmail
- Saved Search History

I wish I had 42 shares of Google Stock :)

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