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Aug 23, 2005


Evan Erwin

I personally can't wait for Google to finish its slow trek to kill Outlook. It needs a calendar and appointment system, and the Instant Messenger is coming soon.

Color me enthused :)

shel Israel

Evan, I thought I was supposed to color you orange.

Munjal Shah

I suspect Google will use this cash for acquisitions. If their stock become more volatile (translate as falls) it will be easier to convince potential acquirers to take cash than the stock which may be worth half that six months later when the acquired can finally sell.

Dennis Cheung

"To date, Google's innovation has been built from within unlike larger competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo."

Is that really an accurate statement about Microsoft? Most of its products in this same space (MSN Search Toolbar, Windows Desktop Search, MSN Search, MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces) were all developed inhouse. Hotmail, as we all know, was aquired - though that was in 1997. Not sure if I would still consider Hotmail to be an aquisition given that was 8 years ago.

Google's Blogger was a fairly recent aquisition. Google Earth is an aquisition from Keyhole. Google Groups - Deja News. Adsense/Adwords - Applied Semantics.

See here: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2005/6/12/143721/743

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