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Nov 21, 2005



Can you demonstrate that this legislation is targeted at bloggers?

I concur that it's a blow to Canadian's privacy, but Canadian law enforcement has much bigger, flashier fish to fry than bloggers. It's hubris to believe otherwise.

shel Israel


I just picjed up on what Curt had posted. I consider him a credible source. Darren, you are Canadian, and much closer to this issue than I am. Please enlighten me.


Bill C-74 is being monitored carefully. Dr.Cory ( of boing boing fame) has written about this. Lessing ,law professor of harvard is also watchingn ( I think).

Its a miniture version of the patriot bill directly effecting isp's.

Current laws permit law enforcement agnecy call dfor wiretaps, logs etc where the judge dictates a provisioning because a set of relable cause has been established.

Bill C-74 is subject to a due dilgence process. Which may or may not constitue infrigment of privacy and/or a process that fringes civil rights.

Disclaimer: I am only stating opionion - mine only !! Factoids will follow as a complete rebuttal.

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