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Nov 08, 2005


Rich Dudley

FWIW - $10/month at DiscountASP.NET, and I'll even install dasBlog for you. I know Scoble says don't change the URL (Chaper 12), but that's better than a failing site. Plus, he'll give your new address some serious Google juice with only one link.

Anil Dash

Hi Shel... we definitely know TypePad hasn't been meeeting anybody's expectations, either yours or ours.

We're going to get the problem fixed and we're going to make it right for all our users. That's a promise not just from me but from Ben and Mena and Barak and everyone in our organization.

I hope you'll value the relationship you have with us in the same way that we value our ongoing relationship with you. Every web host is going to have problems, every application is going to have bugs. What I've learned from your blogging and the book in progress is that what matters is how transparent people are about the work they're doing, and how well they communicate about their progress. I hope you'll judge us on that, and I ask that you give us the chance to show you what we can do.



Thanks for you prompt and gracious response. Until today, my experience with all the fold at Six Apart has been purely Aces. I didn't mean to sound threatening. I simply said it was like a bashed-in fender. Fenders get repaired.

That being said, the experience today really sucked. Like a replaced fender, I just hope I don't have to go through it again.

BJ Fogg

As I read Shel's comments, I was agreeing with him: I've had problems with TypePad, almost to the point of switching my new blog to another service.

Then I read the comment by Anil and my view changed.

I learned something here . . .

My company has just started offering our internet service to the world, and YackPack is not perfect. People are likely to complain about this or that as we go forward. Here's the learning part: When people have gripes, if we don't respond like Anil -- quickly and transparently -- other people will pile on the complaints. It will snowball.

Anil stops the snowballing here. Nice work -- and an important example for me to see.

Evan Erwin

I have this problem with blogger, and it's just a management tool -- I don't even use their interface to write, just to update the template or investigate problems.

It's been having update problems and unfortunately there is NO place to find Blogger support, not even a "Hey, are we down? Let us know." link.

It really sucks, but I love its simplicity. Meh.

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