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Nov 23, 2005



Thankfull, that I survive and have a job and still have 2 legs/2hands !!.

Unthankful, to the bugger who sent me a bunch of paperwork that needs reviewed and report in monday- there goes a portion of my weekend. It sucks to be me !!

Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt

I'm thankful for you, Shel, for helping me with this opportunity with Riya...and having been the catalyst to bringing me here, to this hub of activity that totally inspires and awes me.

I'm also thankful for an amazing son, who at 12 years old, set up our wireless network at home and is sitting exactly opposite of me gaming online while I read through my aggregated blogs (finally), and who I can look up at and feel totally bonded with and who, in 10 years time (as per your previous question) will be benefiting from this experience here and now...once again thanks to Shel. ;)


I am thankful to have the ability and the resources to make myself heard and to eat two square meals a day when most of my countrymen can't do even that...

I am not thankful for religion and language to being barriers between the same human race. In that sense our walls are inside our head !


I'm thankful that six years ago, my parents asked me to convert a house here into two apartments, so that they could come live with me. This forced me to sell my stocks and invest in real estate, right before the high tech bubble burst and the real estate bubble began.

I'm not thankful that the bubble burst, nor for the personal economic disasters so many have gone through since.

I'm thankful for the people I know; some friends now for over 30 years, some new met through the blogoshpere, and those who manage to put up with me on a daily basis. :-D

I'm not thankful for the war in Iraq, even though it made a job for a friend whom I could not help myself. He's not homeless, but he is in danger every day.

I'm thankful for the open source movement, which fuels our blogs [using b2evolution], fuels our upcoming book, and fuels our next business plans.

And I'll stop on an "up" note.

Evan Erwin

I'll take the opposite here because it's more interesting: I'm not thankful for slow drivers.

You know the kind, in the right lane, with their blinker on, talking on their cell phone and veering left or right with some sort of wont abandonment.

Not that I don't care about their well being, but...could they all just sorta quit doing that?

It's not that I like to speed, I see a little 5MPH increase as nothing serious, while others view the law in black, white, and the people on the other side of the bars.

Those scoundrels who do SIXTY-TWO in a FIFTY-FIVE. I mean, how dare they?!

I can only imagine how happy they must be passing drivers who are pulled over, their glee only defeated by their need to place a call--informing their friends and loved ones how lucky they are to be in the slow lane, doing the law-abiding speed, drinking their latte's and complete with the incorrect blinker light on for that upcoming turn.

Niti Bhan

Life. Sentient life.

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