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Nov 24, 2005



The fact that luck plays such a big part in success and failure !

Juan Pablo Tapia

At this time, almost every single bussiness people who doesn't believe in blogs...

Tara ' Miss Rogue' Hunt

Complacency. Comfort. Boredom. Lack of compassion. Self-centeredness. Greed.

Dennis T Cheung

The self destructive nature of humans, due to the many number of bugs in our psyche.

Jeremy Pepper

The bad PR advice that is running rampant in the blogosphere.

Tim Jackson-Masiguy

Our current government makes me pretty nervous.

What really scares me; the idea of having to face a day in my life without my wife or children. That concept stops my blood in my veins.



Ivan Chew

Realising on my death bed that I've lived my life for nought.


I find politics, at all levels, horribly scarey.

Stephan Verveen

"Life is about losing fear." I'm scared I may not succeed at that...but I should stop thinking that way.


Needles, bungee jumping, and the thought that 5 days a week, my life is not my own - I have been bought by a corporation for a fairly measly salary and I'm probably not going to get my life back for 40 years.

Jim Minatel


wilson ng


Death. there is always something to be done however difficult as long as we are alive.

Evan Erwin

What scares me? Spiders. For God's sake man, they have EIGHT LEGS!

And those eyes. *shudder*

Of course, when the Women-Folk(tm) are around, I get all brave and can face the spidery likes of them...spider guys. But on the whole I'm scared of those buggers (god help the pun).

My favorite is the ole "They're more afraid of you than you are of them."

Yeah, okay, sure. See those fangs that most of them sport on the front of their heads? Not scared. Me? Terrified.

Now where's a flip-flop when you really need one...

Niti Bhan

Crazies at the helm of too much death dealing power.




At this moment, what scares me the most is being a failure to myself, my family, and every who knows me. I'm at a point where I'm just not sure if I'll ever get a career started. Maybe the counselor was right. Maybe I'm not smart enough...that scares me.


Being alone for the rest of my life. Not ever being married, having kids...

That there is no God. No faith, hopes, or dreams that can never come true..

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