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Nov 26, 2005



France Cordova. She was an English major who moved to Mexico with her boyfriend, wrote a cookbook, and completely by accident fell in love with astronomy. She went back to school, got a PhD in physics and became chief scientist at NASA, where she was a major force behind the public release of the Hubble photos. She's done a lot since then, but what stands out to me is the leap from liberal arts to astrophysics and how much she accomplished once she made that leap. Her experience is relevant to me because I'm also making a kind of leap, and her success is encouraging.

Tim Jackson-Masiguy

My grandparents, both sets, and my wife.

My grandparents lived through great struggles and made it through and loved each other and their children and families. My last grandparent, my Grampa, passed away less than a year ago. He was one of the bravest and gentlest people I ever met.

My wife has more bravery, courage and compassion in her little finger than I possess in all 6'3" of me. She's my day-to-day hero.

Ivan Chew

Atticus Finch (character from "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee). Go read the book.


Hmm, let's see. I don't often name folk as personal heroes.

Well, you, Shel, and Robert, through Naked Conversations, helped Clarise and I decide to accept Bernard's offer to co-author a book. I'm not sure that makes you heroes, and I certainly don't want to be sucking up on your blog. :-p

Dave Winer often inspires me. But that doesn't make him an hero.

A friend of mine discovered she had cancer, metastasized, during her pregnancy with her second child. Her response to that, and the way she's lived her life since, makes her an hero.

I'll leave all of that in, as it gives an hint as to how my thoughts work.

Wilson ng

this is going to be an unpopular choice, but if there is somebody I would like to be, it would be bill gates.

He is super smart.

He and his company has also made the most impact on technology and in our lives.

It is one thing that he is the richest, but another thing like he looks like to be the person who also gives the most away.


My Mummy, Poppy and sun tzu :)-

Evan Erwin

Hero is an interesting word. It invokes determination, leadership, strength, will, etc.

Hero? Mom. Hero? Superman. Hero? Jefferson and Lincoln (we'll just forget about that whole Jefferson-owned-slaves thing for a bit).

Comic book characters and parents have a lot in common, you know.

Well, okay, they don't have a damned thing in common, but one provided me another (that's the parent providing the comic book), and the old great presidents reminded me of how amazing some of those people used to be. How freely they dared to think, and how revolutionary they remain, hundreds of years after their deaths.

Pretty powerful stuff those heroes are made of, when you think about it. I think heroes are what you make of them, what you read of them, and what they bring to the table. Mine bring me love, comfort, and optimism. I hope yours do the same.

The Edd

I live in a world with no heroes. Heroes die. That's usually what makes them heroes. No one does the unpopular but right thing on a consistent basis to be a hero anymore.

Niti Bhan

My grandfather. He taught me right. My father and mother for trying and not losing faith in me.


HERO? Hugh Macleod

Actually i don,t have an Idol, but i think Hugh Macleod is cool

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