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Nov 25, 2005


Tim Jackson-Masiguy

I trust my wife first and foremost. She's my best friend as well as the woman I love. There are other people I trust- but none of them are in Washington, DC.

Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt

I'm insanely trusting...but I tend to distrust my own feelings...


I trust first, and need to be burned badly, before that trust fails.

I've frustrated many corporate attorneys over the years because of this.

But, now that you know, please don't try to sell me ocean front property in Arizona. ;-)


I trust everyone. If you screw up - your screwed life long. Trust is something which is freely given to all, without question, because that's what human behaviour is about. We are all born, naked,wet and hungary. Yet, as babies we know the safe hands of the parents !!

Trust is explict and implicated.


I only trust in God.


In person, I tend to trust anyone I like. If I dislike you, I probably don't trust your opinion. But if I like you, I'll trust you unless you do something to break that trust. Basically, make a positive impression on me and you've got my trust pretty easily.

Online, I'm a bit more skeptical. It's basically the same rule - I trust who I like - but it takes a lot of consistently interesting, informative, useful posts on a blog to get me to like you. I'll trust the advice of someone who consistently offers good ideas because I associate the quality of the stuff they would recommend with the quality of their own work.


i trust people's inner nature

Evan Erwin

I trust the Goog. Yup, I said it. I trust Google and I trust the products they provide me. I've trusted them ever since I found the One Search Engine To Rule Them All. There were no ads at that point in time, and better yet, when they were added I didn't even notice.

I've remained a loyal customer/advocate, I've used nothing but them (which equals "nothing but the best" in my eyes) and despite comparisons nothing has come close.

Call me jaded or set in my ways, but Google rarely disappoints with any of their products I rely on for my day to day activities, such as Gmail or Google Talk.

Once bitten, twice shy as the old 80's hit goes, but until I'm bit, it's Google all the way.

The Edd

Like the US currency - In God I Trust

Niti Bhan

Myself. First and foremost. And then with that faith in myself, I trust my senses, my intuition and my judgement. It keeps my faith in my fellow man and the unshakeable conviction that humanity is standing on the foundation of humanas.

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