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Dec 10, 2005


Tim Jackson- Masiguy

Well, one of the people has to be my wife- of course. She's the greatest friend and lover I could possibly ever dream of and is my hero. Her bravery, compassion and admiration for life outshines all other people I've ever known. How on Earth I snared her is forever beyond my grasp.

I have a ton of respect for a lot of people who come here and inspire me with their intelligence and humanity. Tara comes to mind quickly, as do you Shel. I learn something new all the time.

What? Not to sound crass, but I'm really geeking-out on my new iPod video. Not because it is a great new toy, but because of the amount of technology crammed into such a small piece of equipment. Just a few years ago, none of us really would have thought this stuff possible. Now we are in a position to feel shocked when an airport doesn't have free WiFi. I'm not picking on Tara there, just pointing out how much technology has changed our expectations of the world we live in.

I'm amazed all the time.

Donna Tocci

Remarkable? Anyone living with a debilitating disease and taking it all in stride. I’m fortunate to have good health and I’m thankful for it each day. I do know people who aren’t as lucky; and they amaze me constantly with their grace and strength. I also think the advances in medicine in the last 10 years have been remarkable. We are all lucky that there are remarkable people willing to spend years researching for one breakthrough, no matter how small. These are all remarkable individuals.


Remarkable would be when we find ET out here - somewhere and they will help us to continue humanity elsewhere in its current state.

The Earth as we know it is dying and within 10 generations, there will not be enough food for all !!

Ivan Chew

Mahatma Gandhi & his followers who practiced civil disobdience through non-violence. I can't imagine the guts it took to do that, knowing that you're up against the other side who's willing to use force.

Niti Bhan

Any woman living in the third world, chiefly those that are at the bottom of the socioeconmic strata. They work in the fields or at constructions sites, they bear babies and go back to work for daily wages to feed them, they bear the brunt of their men's poverty and frustration, both physically and fiscally, they are truly the most remarkable women in the world today. They are the first victims in war - of rape, of victimization, of famine, of poverty. I could go on.

Evan Erwin

I consider mothers to be remarkable. Whether they're new mothers, old mothers, mothers-to-be, they're all pretty amazing.

It's incredible to me that someone can carry around a living thing, birth it, then take care of it for the rest of their lives (in one way or another). Remarkable in every way.

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