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Dec 25, 2005


Joseph A. di Paolantonio

Get everyone to believe the lyrics from John Lennon's song "Imagine": ...

"Imagine there's no countries and no religion too"

We're all just people - we just don't have any outside evidence to convince the majority of that. Where's a good first or close encounter, when you need one?

lion of judah

As far as humans are concerned, it will never be.
Our very own evolution is what makes World Peace impossible.
It would require everyone to never be hurt or angered by another. We would have to believe in the same God, we certainly coulnd't vote line A or B. Everyone would have to be exactly the same. In mind, body and soul. Good Luck.
However, Goodwill is feasible. It's only drawback is that it's strength is derived from the individual.
It's the old "A chain is only as strong as......"
We make this world what it is. No one is perfect, and sometimes we have a bad day. Yet, if you have a roof over your head and a full plate at supper, then what sort of person are you to not be patient and understanding.

Goodwill is a product of patience, and patience is a product of contentment. Some may call it righteousness.
What ever you label it as, it's the individuals intestinal fortitude and morals that will be the bearer of GOODWILL.


"Benevolent Dictatorships" -yeah that seems a good idea, once we create the united federations of the world. One single country , under common law and lead. By the dicataor !!

Jim Minatel

1. Turn the other cheek
2. Give more than you take

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

Well, we could start by getting rid of the humans. After that, it should be pretty easy.


By providing free food, shelter and healthcare to everyone in the world. Isn't that a gesture of goodwill? Does it shock you? Does it make you want those less able to 'pay for it' somehow. Why? Why is money/power so important? Why cant we use our talent to make the world safer and better? Think about a generation of children who could grow up that way.

Bruno Mitchell

Put an end to Islamofacism.


By smiling at everyione you see and watching Helen Hunt in Pay it Forward. Yay.

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