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Dec 10, 2005



you got to make this a riff of 100 questions !! :)-

heres my top 3
1) What would you do if you get $100 million
2) What if science discovers there is no heavan and hell and after death, thers is nothingness. How wil you change your current life style ??
3) If you had to lie, why would you lie ?


Before I answer that, know that I look at this question from the ignorant viewpoint of a fifteen-year-old Canadian high school student whose never left her province. I will, though. If I have to swim. What I would ask the world? I wouldn't ask it anything, assuming it's a corporeal entity. I'd walk up to it and kiss it, rather hard. Then I'd laugh. If it's "the world" as in "people in general", it would be "Is that it?"
Take it easy,
(I almost went into an apoplexy when I saw this, by the way. I followed the link from gapingvoid.com)

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