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Jan 12, 2006


Jared Kim

Hi Shel,

Hope you have been well - my sister said she met you at a geek's dinner a few weeks ago. I think I mentioned to you at DEMO that I've run a tech start up in China and have experienced similar censorship conflicts with the local government and even had our servers shutdown. It seems China is making companies play ball by the local rules, and if those companies don't like those rules, China wants them to find another court to play on because there are many other players willing to take their place. You can read more about it at http://www.jaredkim.com/index.php/2006/01/13/china-censorship-and-companies-my-thoughts/. It's a somewhat long read, but I hope some people will find it informative.

Best regards,

Jared Kim

shel israel

Yes, I greatly enjoyed meeting you at Demo and very clearly remembered our conversation. I never used it, because you did not give me permission and because I was fearful that writing about what your said might cause you damage in China. Thank so much for contributing to this conversation. I hope our paths cross again soon. Also, you have a charming and intelligent sister. Give her my regards.

Dennis Howlett

We're discussing ideas in related blog postings so I'll restrict my remarks to this specific post.

The economic card has great potential value in this discussion. But it is also a potential threat.

Chinese authorities are well versed in understanding modern communication control techniques.

Given the current state of fast track so-called Web 2.0 development, I'd be gobsmacked if China does not already have ready an alternative 'free speech' platform.

Before pulling any plugs, let's pause and consider the alternatives.

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