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Jan 05, 2006



SI: Pardon my baseness, but how will you make money with this Blogferenza? CH

shel israel

There's nothing base about the question. Once we get our act together, we expect to make money by advertising and spnsorships.

Jeremy Pepper

Why not have both? You can't have the indepth commentary on a blog, as it is instantaneous, but the newsletter could have that. It seems to me that both have value.

shel israel

Good question Jeremy. The answer is simply one of time allocation. Neither Gary nor I--nor some of the fine new writers who will be joining us, have time to do both. We all have other fish to fry. The other fish pay rent with greater ease. On a personal note, want to spend the bulk of my writing time on books. Doing that plus contributing to multiple blogs is enough of a challenge.

Jeremy Pepper

Okay, makes sense.

But, just to give a different scenario: there are 24 hours a day. How about 2 hours a day to eat, 1 hour to socialize/quality family time, and then 6 hours to sleep. That leaves 15 hours a day, seven days a week. ;)

On a serious note, though, is the blog going to be part of the DEMO blog, or separate?

shel israel


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